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 Prisca Jallisal's search for knowledge

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Prisca Jallisal's search for knowledge Empty
PostSubject: Prisca Jallisal's search for knowledge   Prisca Jallisal's search for knowledge EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 1:25 am

Lately a small green robed hin have been seen in the hall of echoes, she's often searching through book after book, clearly looking for something special.

One day she was looking through some books, seeming to take a greater interest in them as a shy bookworm of an elf accidentally knocked over a stack of books above her when trying to see what was catching her interest. The books fell over her and partly buried her under them.

Lying there on the floor partly buried in books she noticed an open book in front of her. Hmm.. interesting..
Not seeming to care that she was buried in books she just pulled the book closer and just lie there reading it. The elf panicked and tried to dig her out of the books while over using the words "I'm terrible sorry" to a point she stood up and told him to shut up. She then took the book with her to a chair that she had been using as a table to place the books on while reading them and studied the book while taking notes.

The elf cleaned up the mess he had made and took a long time to man himself up before approaching her again, when asking her what she was searching for her answer quick and short before she turned back to her book.
Information about Gilgeam.

The elf retreated to what he was doing before she caught his eye and found it best to leave her alone after what he had done.
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Prisca Jallisal's search for knowledge
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