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 The Shadow of Mystra!

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The Shadow of Mystra! Empty
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The Shadow of Mystra!
Dedicated to Mith'kal'daka Senger Ischarri - Piper Scathing

There once was a shadow, a bright dancing shadow, who protected the dancers of Selune.
Like the Elven dance with the moon, danceth the women of the homage of Selu-ne.
The feathers on his fierce red gla'rmour, would show him the past, say what a good timesight!
While the women who dances were naked, while all he could see was just one lonely dead raven, not what I say good hindsight!

Ouh, but that's not my cravi'n. What's hot and fell smoking in the grass, was not him in the arms of these women, but just one dead smoking raven..

Ouh, what a faithfull task, to be donned by that mask, but there once was a shadow, a bright red shadow. where the dancers cared more for the shadows of trees. Now this shadow has been there guarding forever, without ever taking a peak, alas where I would never last there a week!
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The Shadow of Mystra!
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