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 An overly plump woman emerges...

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An overly plump woman emerges... Empty
PostSubject: An overly plump woman emerges...   An overly plump woman emerges... EmptyFri Dec 07, 2012 2:26 am

Steadily walking from the shadows of the alley leading towards the merchant and auction alley was a pale woman, whitish-blue hair grown considerably longer around the shoulders and framing a glowing, if rather grumpy looking face. Trying her hardest not to wobble, and even donning her black mithril chain and cape despite her rather round belly, though the rest of her did not show this same plumpness.

Pathea walked toward the center of town, looking about the towngoers shrewdly with her keen eyes. She leaned against the well beam, wrapping her cloak about her, and muttering, 'Suppose there's no hiding it now...', giving an audible sigh. She narrowed her eyes between townsfolk, travelers, swordhands and skymage apprentices and frowned noticeably.

'Where the bloody hells is my husband?! I've been cooped up for a damn near two-month and I swear if he doesn't take me for a walkabout he'll have MORE than the hells to pay, I'll tell you lot that! Eh? Where's the damn Thaumaturge?' She tilted her head for a moment, thinking, before continuing her tirade. 'Matter o' fact.... what the bloody hells has been happening? Who's in charge? Anyone know where any o' the clergy is? Didn't we have some new Dark Doom lass?'

She hopped upon the stone well, crossing her arms over her chest and lifting a brow, waiting for any who dared to answer her. She appeared, apparently, rather uncomfortable, grouchy, and ornery. A few of her natural faults, to be true, but quite excacerbated. She hoped that someone would at least dare to answer her. She grumbled to herself, swinging her feet up and down.
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An overly plump woman emerges...
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