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 The wounded Drowess enters Freehaven

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The wounded Drowess enters Freehaven Empty
PostSubject: The wounded Drowess enters Freehaven   The wounded Drowess enters Freehaven EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 10:04 pm

A tale of being found, they waited for her arrival. Shadows could hide her not.

Being chased for hours across the lands under the burning wheel, and frozen land, ShadowKyss was blinded and disoriented. Soon found and taken by her persuers.

The wounded Drowess enters Freehaven Forgotnames

They quickly knocked her out, it was one hit actually. Without warning. ShadowKyss was not even armed.

They asked questions, and hit her several times. Took her hat and made fun off. Bound, and left in the snow to freeze to death, a most odd situation happened. Her bounds were cut, by a passer by. Her persuers engaged this man, ShadowKyss did not remain to see the outcome of that fight. A globe of darkness, and Escape she did.

Caught the carriage to Freehaven, ShadowKyss stumbled into the cavern home. Sitting away from the others, her face full of bruises. Three shadows standing around her, it almost seems. Must have been the light of the campfire. Yet the shadows looked down on her, Concerned expressions on their faces. ShadowKyss was hurt.

And alone.
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The wounded Drowess enters Freehaven
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