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 Painting a Portrait, (Lomdri)

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Painting a Portrait, (Lomdri) Empty
PostSubject: Painting a Portrait, (Lomdri)   Painting a Portrait, (Lomdri) EmptyTue Dec 20, 2011 5:58 pm

Having received the opportunity to make a painting of a certain Zhentarim, for no small chunk of gold, Lomdri set to work gathering information on the subject of the painting. Though it was for a man, it was at the behest of a woman, and thus would have to be done in a light and fashion that would please both the male's dominance and authority, as well as the woman's eye for her darling.
From what he could ascertain from residents of Shadowdale, the words of Zhentarim about the Trusted Servant, and the occasional sighting of Malik, he was around 6'5, well-built at maybe between 190 and 210 pounds, short black hair, a beard, and splendid green eyes. Being a Tiefling, he'd certainly have horns, but a man who wears a hood so low.. perhaps he's not too proud of them. They'd be in the portait, but the lighting would not draw focus to them. Also heard from folks he wasn't the prettiest... but, his wife seemed to like him. Maybe it was for the flaws? Best not to chance a judgement call there. Lomdri would fall back on his scholarly side, making a cataloger's copy of the subjects face, a practice he had experience with from his training. As close to the reality as possible.. but the artist in him demanded lighting and shading adjustments to give dramatic effect, make the man appear bold in his appearance as it was by nature.
Painting a subject that is not suppose to know you are painting him poses difficulties, not the least of which being that subjects who wear armor constantly in public don't lend themselves well to trying on different clothes for the sake of just doing it. That being the case, Lomdri opts to do the painting from a portion of the chest upward to include the fullness of face and head, sort of a bust. The bust is low enough to include the ornate symbol of Bane which the subject wears, and of course high enough to include the horns and hair. His skin, tanned faintly as it is naturally by bloodline. His eyes are a true prize of the painting, brilliant like emeralds with every bit of detail one might expect from keen Elven eyes and a natural artist put into the painting of them, making them nearly gems by their own right.
The sketching and subsequent painting, a few drafts of each, have taken a number of days, but will soon be ready to show to his customer from preliminary appraisal.

(Going to add his skill and such when I've got a chance to get the game running again, but it's something like 13 perform and an Artist per lvl 1 feat, 16 dexterity)
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Painting a Portrait, (Lomdri)
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