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 Warning! Drow Trickery in the Gnoll Caves!

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PostSubject: Warning! Drow Trickery in the Gnoll Caves!   Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:52 pm

*Notices have been posted around Myth Drannor and the refugee area near the entrance where people are likely to see it.*


A drowess has been sighted lurking in the gnoll caves of Fox Ridge. She is in one of the gnoll's cells and calls for help, claiming she has been captured by gnolls and requesting that she be freed.

The drowess does not fit the description of any known Eiliestraeen and thus should be considered very dangerous.

She resembles Shyntra, a drowess that has repeatedly caused problems on the surface, but this is unconfirmed. Because of this, proceed with extreme caution when exploring the gnoll caves. While it may be hard to resist the call for help, this is more than likely a trick to lure well-meaning adventurers to her, in order for her to kill or capture them.

Do not approach this drowess!

*The bottom of each notice is signed:*

- Ardylan
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PostSubject: Re: Warning! Drow Trickery in the Gnoll Caves!   Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:15 am

* a note is pin with it *

"I would advise anyone that deal or encounter drow to Always be carefull. Many will clame to be known or unknown Eilistraeen. As a follower of Sehanine, I do not advise to kill on sight, but I strongly advise to never trust any drow.

Sayiel Lo'ran
Shadow gardian of Sehanine"
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Warning! Drow Trickery in the Gnoll Caves!
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