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 The returning

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PostSubject: The returning   The returning EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 5:23 am

The tall jaluk walked with caution into the camp looking around, his sword ready at his hand his silver mask on leaving only his purle eyes be seen....he first find a jabress on his way and bows politely.
"vendui malla jabress, usstan here seeking the illharess of the Zau'afin.
He didnt manage to finish his words and he felt a great pain at his torso as a black archer appeared from nowhere shooting arrows to the jabress and him "vithos!" he cursed "i should have all my wards up" he thought but it was too late the black archer have already killed the jabress when Killian started his furious attack, the black archer seemed more quick than the drow warrior have ever seen, his arrows was wounding the drow badly that was swinging his sword with rage trying to trip the archer.
A call to his Lord Selvetarm and to the little of weave he learned from his elder brother gave new stregnth to the badly wounded jaluk, a smiled appeared to his lips as he felt his sword cutting the head of his most hated enemy and then darkness came as he felt an arrow on his back from a new enemy.
He woke up chainned near the altar hearing the familiar voice of Yathrin Mi'reli "let this vithing bastard chainned usstan will deal with him later!" not a moment passed as battle sounds started again more black archers has arrived.
More drow arrived in the meanwhile as the Quellars got the battle calls of the camp, but the black archers were deadly, two of them managed to bring down about six or seven drow, Yathrinen among them, Killian was watching helpessly the fight grinding his teeth that couldnt fight his hated enemies starting to yell.
"Release me! usstan here to see the Ilharess of Zau'fin, release me and usstan will kill those bastards.
Killian still dont know if the Ulath'tallar ordered it or a guard decided but his chains was removed, he grabbed his sword and this time he warded himself, helped couple of fallens to rise before charge back to the battle with renew vigor, this time it was easier, more and more warriors joining him in the fight Yathrinen were healing the wounds battle tactics started to be used the two remaining black archers fell, he yelled the name of Selvetarm as he was taking the head of the last one.
Some time later as the camp was regrouping from the attack Killian aproached Yathrin Mi'reli "with your permision Yathrin usstan would like to leave the camp since Ilharess Zau'afin is not here" the Yathrin hissed looking towards him "nau jaluk dos will stay here udios have a matter to solve".
Those that watched their talk from affar saw that the jaluk ended up kneeled begging for his life, as the Yathrin was trying to drain his lifeforce, the jaluk seemed to holded this test, the Yathrin seemed to show mercy whatever they said between them, it seemed like the matter they had, it was settled and the jaluk could walk again around the camp.
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PostSubject: Re: The returning   The returning EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 12:34 pm

*returning from the her patrol Dilarra notices the carnage and curses her bad luck for missing the battle.*

"Vendui Jaluk," Dilarra says to Killian as she passes him.

Dilarra approaches a tent to rest and thinks to herself, "It has been too long since usstan have been gone. It is time for Zau'Afin to become powerful again."
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The returning
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