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 What are Role Play Tokens?

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What are Role Play Tokens? Empty
PostSubject: What are Role Play Tokens?   What are Role Play Tokens? EmptySat Oct 09, 2010 12:22 pm

Role play tokens are our way of encouraging Role Play and our way of making it clear Power Builds are nice but not required to survive here.

NOTE: TOKENS will not be handed out for every act or incident of RP nor every quest so please do not demand nor beg for them. This will most likely lead to losing tokens rather then gaining. So do not do it! You have been warned

There are three tiers - Lesser, Medium, and Epic:

1. Lesser RP tokens - getting one of these DOES NOT mean your a lesser Rp'er quite the contrary. These tokens are handed out when a DM witnesses a random act of RP that occurs without any interaction by the DM to cause it. A just for Rp'ing thank you token you could say. Lesser RP tokens may also be handed out as part of quest rewards.

2. Medium RP Token, these are handed out for writing a BIO (this helps us find rp appropriate quests for you as well) and for staying IC during quests. Medium RP Tokens may be handed out at the end of a long running plot line.

3. Epic RP Tokens are acquired by accumulating five Medium Tokens.

How Can I See My Tokens?
To view the tokens you've been given using the new system, do the following:

- right-click
- select DBTools
- select "List my tokens"

This will show you a list of the tokens you've accumulated so far.  When a token is given to you, you will see a message in your combat log (no item is necessary).
When a token is taken in exchange for a reward, you will see a message again saying it was taken.

RP Token for Bio

If you're written a biography for your character, you are entitled to receiving a medium RP Token for it. If you have not gotten one for doing this, catch a DM in game or send us an e-mail at and one of our DMs will take care of it.

Clarification on RP Token transfer & XP Transfer & DM Gear Transfer/Selling

Several people have asked the staff on this before, and we have given different answers on this in the past because there was some confusion among us. We (the staff) have discussed heavily in recent time, and come to a decision regarding this.

In the past, we have allowed people to transfer RP Tokens between characters and even allowed someone to sell their DM-given item. From now on, this will no longer be the case.

1. We do -not- allow RP Tokens to be transferred between a player's character accounts. This is a new rule that the staff has decided upon.

2. We do -not- allow XP to be transfered between a player's character accounts regardless of circumstance. (this has been asked several times, and the answer will continue to be no).

In the case of RP Tokens, if you wish to donate/trade a token item (not the actual tokens, themselves) to a friend (or similar situation), then that is acceptable, just remember to mention this to the DM when you exchange the token. (no, you do not need approval)

What isn't allowed for example would be to sell a DM-given reward on the auction house for profit. The reason for this is when we (DMs) give you a reward, it is for your own accomplishment and it is because you earned it. As such, we ask that you keep it on the character that it has been given on. Note that a DM-given reward is not the same as something you've gotten through an RP Token. DM-given reward refers to a special reward item given to you by one of our DMs for an event you are involved in.
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What are Role Play Tokens?
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