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 Nichy's Birthday - Event by DM Shimmer

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Nichy's Birthday - Event by DM Shimmer Empty
PostSubject: Nichy's Birthday - Event by DM Shimmer   Nichy's Birthday - Event by DM Shimmer EmptySat Jul 09, 2011 3:23 pm

The sun broke easy across the camp caressing those present as they gathered and bantered about those things that seemed to affect them most. Nichy approached sullen and down trodden in his collar as some focused on his form he said simply “It’s my birthday.” Many turned to him and wished him a happy birthday without pause.

However, there was that sinking feeling in the stomachs of a few. A Birthday, Nichy. Based on how well things have been going for him, things could never be that simple.

A cackle made its way across the wind with no source nor direction. It clawed its way across their hearts sending chills down their spines and ageing them ever so slightly just by hearing it. Then a foul black cloud coalesced around Nichy and the very fabric of reality started to bend outward as something worked to tear its way through to us. The very vision of those present warped as black things, the very stuff of shadow worked there way through and without notice a dragon like thing suddenly popped into existence before us.

Those gathered hesitated not a whit and were on it without pause slashing, black ichor spreading without abandon splattering those present. The golden thing howled once in agony and collapsed.

With its fall the shadows were prodded to action. They descended in the wake of its fall, transparent claws flying around ripping flesh and tearing bone. Those present rallied and brought the fight to them each fatal slash accompanied by a howling and a pop as these things simply disappeared from reality leaving but an after image of their evil.

Calm descended and there was nothing remaining before them. A slight breeze wafted across the clearing caressing those present with the feeling of false security and finality. Then without pause.. a number of hearts seized up and the soft, final thud of a number of bodies hitting the ground could be heard.

The infernal was upon them, it was quick and brutal as the more powerful of them and the remaining sought its destruction. Finally it was sent screaming to the void or chose to leave the exact nature of its departure still up for debate.

The dead brought back, memories filled and wounds tended. The thing would be back for Nichy… soon.
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Nichy's Birthday - Event by DM Shimmer
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