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 Shadows on the Horizon

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PostSubject: Shadows on the Horizon   Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:45 am

Night Fall - Refugee Camp of Myth Drannor

A foul wind rustled through the trees brining a fog creeping out of the near by forest. It crept as a thief in the night its cloying moistness clawing at nearby things sticking and blanketing the area near in an unnatural haze.

The creaking of bowstrings could be heard as the three hunters near strung their bows and checked their quivers. Everything seemed in place and the dhearow would be out in the Starlight woods ready to be sent to his knee.

The three were the first to notice. Beyond the fog flittering shapes of darkness played about the edges of their vision as the forest groaned under the weight of things within it. The three hunters accepted the momentary distraction from their mission to approach and ready themselves. They were not 'officially' defenders and many argued about their very presence, but this was a place of kin.

Then in a flash the dark shapes materialized and spirits from some nightmare rose to challenge them flitting from the very darkness. It was like the forest was expelling a disease of some sort. Purging itself the dark things and spirits ran at them. Bows sang the song of kin and these spirits were quickly without mercy cut down. Others attracted to the sound of battle arrived to find Ciardha, Wythran, and a Nature Walker dispatching the last of these things. Ciardha's face non-pulsed at the distraction from the mission until they showed its face beyond the edge of the woods.

Black skin matching the very soul was seen. A twisted parody of the very kin they sought to protect this day stepped from the depths of the woods pushing the spirits in front of them. The Dhearow were upon them without mercy. Giving no mercy they received none as the arrows and swords flashed driving them from Myth Drannor and leaving cool arrow laden corpses behind. Obviously something deeper was afoot and haste was in order. As the defenders sought a plan, the new rhythm of the forest was punctuated with a wet gurgle and ripping noise as one of the Sons of Shevarash ensured the final redemption of the fallen drow as well as claimed evidence of their passing. As was their tradition, anyone seeing the corpse of the betrayers would know that Shevarash was seeing to their redemption.

They 5 (Ciardha, Wythran, Arjay, a Scout, and the Forest Walker) followed the retreating drow into the woods. Noting that no attempt had been made to cover their tracks they suspected a trap, but that was not enough simply to not follow them. As they moved deeper into the forest their fears were confirmed as spirits once again vomited forth from the darkness.. driven by drow handlers.

Soon however, the darkness of the spirits gave way to a flickering baleful light. Something was coming with the fire of destruction in their black hearts. The things were on the defenders without pause. They were ready to destroy, rip maim and burn. They fell readily enough with arrows in their burning forms. Their drow masters pushing them to their deaths and then they themselves falling as they approached the defenders.

They followed the tracks quickly through the area only to stumble upon a ritual. Drow wizards were seen spoiling the very ground with their dark magic’s as they chanted bringing forth corruption as they attempted to bring a spirit of destruction and burning into the world. It had one lg firmly in this world and the other not as the defenders fell upon the drow slashing and gathering the dark harvest. The wizards fell, their life’s blood seeping from their body poisioning the ground as they fell. Their souls sent screaming the Shevarash's knee for final redemption.

Soon enough the thing was seen as it truly was.. A Cinder Spawn!!!. They circled the summoning place and those knowledgeable tried to see to it. Without pause and without the dark magic’s binding it, it soon faded from view and the defenders were left with a piece of tainted ground. Without the ability to take further action they then left to follow the trail back to report. They then met Goade and a few other actual defenders.

The whole scene took pause however as one defender took time to lecture another on the proper cape to wear outside of Myth Drannor. The very scene paused at the strangeness of timing about concern for fashion. One of the Black Archers then pointed out the folly of fashion advice in the middle of the situation and advised them to make a decision one way or another in short order. As the scouts looked on the 'decision' makers continued to bicker and finally without haste a direction was had. They walked without hurry to the site of the ritual and then saw to the cleansing of the tainted forest as the black archers and a scout kept safe the approaches.

Once again the warning about haste and the need for speed was given and disregarded. This would be done and cleansed in proper time without hurry. Then suddenly they were done and yells of haste, caution and speed were caught up by those that sanctified the ground telling the scouts and archers do not tarry for you do not know the darkness of this place. The irony of the call was not lost on them as they moved in short order from the woods the taint seen to for now, as the cleansing fire claimed the compound.

More than one elf wondering to the wisdom of lighting a fire in the summoning spot, in the middle of woods as they departed.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows on the Horizon   Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:30 am

This is an approximate representation of the surrounding areas and the drow party as well as their undead minions.

[Cormanthor Forest closer to Elven Court]

[Drow Scout]

[Drow Minions]

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Shadows on the Horizon
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