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 Rescuing Helen

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A day in the dales

Falco walked out to the street of Shadowdale after making trades with the locals. He shaw a woman hurling a bucket of water along, seemingly in pain.
He walked to her and offered to help her with the bucket. She refused but then she shaw under his hood. He was a scumblood like herself. She was
afriad. Falco realized that this was the half drow he had seen with the Zhent guard a week earlier. The slave that he meant to free. She moved away
from him. But then the song of the blade came into his head. He suddenly knew what the words meant. He offered to sing her a song. The girl seem
to take interest at the mention of a song. Falco open his mouth and sang softly the words of the blade.

Alone she feels in the dark
Alone with her fears
Alone in her heart

But don't be afriad
Don't stray away
Friends can be made
You just have to wait

The eyes of the girl lightened up. He was about to offer her reassuring words when suddenly Shadowdale was under attack. Shadows everywhere and
out of the shadows bolts and blades. Shadowdale was under attack by drows. The guards and the Skymages tried their best to fend them off and the
people in camp aided as much as they could. After the attack the Zhent where regrouping.

Outside the temple of Plenty they met Darry a gnome mage Falco knew before and a kind man named Thomas that was yet unknown to him. Falco
didnt want to cause a scene so he asked this newcomer if he could not come with him and he agreed without knowing much about the heading.
Falco asked Darry to ask an invisability spell on them and they vanished escaping the eyes of the Zhents.

They traveled to the rangers camp but before they could get to Rimwood a Zhentarim guard by the name of Marov passed them. Helen became scared
and asked if there was another way. Falco knew only of one place he didnt need to pass Rimwood to get to that was safe against Zhentarims. But it
was dangerous Myth Drannor did not look kindly upon him or any half drow for that matter. But he thought of his old ally from the Crystal Tower. The
leader of the guardians Sherne. He had not talked to him in ages. But he was sure Sherne would keep anyone safe from slavery.

They hurried to Myth Drannor and before they reached the ferryman Falco handed Thomas a thousand golds to bribe for their passage. He did not mean
for the ferryman to see his face. The ferry came and out from it an elf. He walked towards them with much interest like is to be expected of an elf. The
elf looked under Falcos hood and shaw who what he was. He drew weapons and demanded that the party would leave.

Falco went on his knees, he was out of options. He begged the man to shelter the girl. Told him their story and how there was no other place to turn to.
Little did he know that luck had not smiled upon him. For the elf was a black arrow someone that carried unstoppable hatred towards all drows. Even
half bloods. The man counted down from ten. Falco pleaded to him. He said to him that he would set away his weapons and face what ever judgement
Sherne would give him. The man attacked.

Falco knew drew steel and defended himself and his party. The elf fell in cold blood. The ferry had made another round and out rushed an elven maiden
that had just witness Falco killing an elf. The ferryman shaw it aswell and everything seemed against them. Falco set his blade on the ground and pleaded
his earlier story. But the woman did not care for it . . he was now a murderer and an enemy of Myth Drannor.

Falco begged for the girl but the maiden did not care for it. They where to leave. Falco said to Thomas to run to safety and tell Lady Alodel to bring words
to Sherne that they had come here to shelter Helen from slavery and if he fell it was at the hands of this maiden. Thomas ran with all his might. The woman
gave her final warning and shot them both down and dead.

But after even the darkest night dawn will come. Falco woke up in the fields of the beastmen with Helen dead in his arms. He did not know what had accured
but he remembered the girl. He used a scroll and was barely able to bring her back to life. She was weak, scared and confused but something in her made
her cling to his arm. She shaw something in the man she thought she had lost forever . . hope.

They headed to Rimwood but as soon as the water was crossed a trail of blood laid before them some travelers where wondering what had happened. A man
came from up from behind them and said drows had attacked Myth Drannor. Helen yelled ,,We did not attack it" . . and the man took interest and asked what
she meant by we. Falco said the woman was deranged and hurried them along as quickly as he could. Falco knew The Inn wouldnt be safe for her Zhents had
turned it upside down only few days earlier.

But Falco was a friend to Clan Ironhouse. Brave dwarves that would not let any Zhentarim wander into their camp and live to tell the tale. He took her to their
camp. Helen was tired but walked with him up the hill. Falco greeted the guards and put up a tent for Helen. She looked around camp strangely she had never
heard snoring this loud. Falco told her to stay here and tell them if they asked who she was that he had brought her.

,,But where will you go?" she said to him worried, he answered ,,I shall go talk with a friend. Someone that can give you what I cannot . . a home"
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Rescuing Helen
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