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 The bane of Kiaransalee

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The bane of Kiaransalee Empty
PostSubject: The bane of Kiaransalee   The bane of Kiaransalee EmptyWed May 25, 2011 3:34 am

It was after one of many attacks on the camp by the army of the Banshee that the Yath'Sargtlin after blocking the bridge with the Yathrin Esley and the Yath'Queshel Nil'kah with her Rothe walked the remains of the battle. The bodies had piled high for many of the Dead Walkers had come this time. Over the past cycles the pressure on the camp had increased but they stood resolute against them. It was hear amongst the dead that the Yath'Sargtlin notice a journal on one of the bodies. The Yath'Sargtlin had recognized some of the runes as Drow so bending down he took the journal and opened it. What he found amongst the pages could change things for the Drow and the retaking of their lost city.

With this news he sought out the Yath'tallar Eclav the ruling Yath currently within the camp. She was a crafty old spider and would know what should be done. The Yath'Sargtlin found her still talking with the defenders and interrupted her .. this would usually be seen as disrespectful and could warrant a beating but the news he brought out weighed the possible consequences of his actions. In seclusion the two looked over the book and what it held amongst its pages.. What they found there in the Journal of a Dread Guard had her charge the Yath'Sargtlin to put together a band and look for this item of power the book spoke of. There in the pages the Yath'tallar it was able discerned that the item was being held in the caverns the Orcs made home. With this news the Yath'sargtlin on the orders of the Yath'tallar went out to the camp and started to recruit those that he would need on this quest.

His decision on companions was handled with care.. both Qu'ellars would be represented as well as the Yath. Yath'abbans Kiira Dabel'kith and Ginthrae Zau'afin would represent the Yath. From Qu’ellar Dabel'kith Morf would come as well as the Espedon’s pupil Gul. From Qu’ellar Zau’Afin Dread Guard Dilarra, Yath’Queshel Nil’Kah, her rothe Jane and the Shadow Elghinn. Yath’tallar Eclav prayed and then ordered the group under the Yath’Sargtlins command to go out and bring this item back to the Yath.

They left and traveled quickly through the tunnels towards their goal for time was their enemy and every moment weighed heavily on the Yath’Sargtlin so he pushed them hard to travel faster. They neared the Orc Caverns and he halted allowing the group to cast their blessing and wardings since he knew not what they may face when they found the item. It was then the Dread Guard picked up sign of in the area of the Dead Walkers and before any of them knew what was happening the were attacked. They crawled from every shadowed place within the cavern wave upon wave breaking on the shield of the Yath’sargtlin and falling to the blades of the Dread Guard and Zau’Afin Shadow Elghinn. Arcane forces rained down from the Rothe Jane and the Faern Gul scorching and blasting the Dead Walkers in concussive blows. The Yath’abban in all the glory of the Dark Goddess shone with an unholy light that destroyed the Dead Walkers that dared come near them. Farther the group pushed into the cave every step earned with the death of many Dead walkers.. the Yath’Queshel song played on empowering them to keep moving forward her voice cutting through the dead as Scythe does wheat. They neared a large cavern and it was here that the true guardians where.. Large armored Skeletons and a Large Undead Dragon. Forward they pushed the Yath’Sargtlin charging into the fray knocking down the dead with his Tower shield and swinging his Bastard sword clearing a path for the other to follow through. Still the Dark Singers voice could be heard above the moans of the Dead and the rumbling from the Dragon.. Hard they fought until even the Dragon could not stand against them.

There they found what they sought a cloth wrapped bundle hidden away behind a book. Slowly the Yath’Sargtlin unwrapped the bundle and there in the wrappings of a spider silk cloak laid a Silvered Blade etched with the runes “Kiaransalee’s Bane . They had succeeded and now they could return to the camp and give the sword to the Yath. Unfortunately the Dead were not going to let them have this item without a fight. The gates of hell opened and from the mouth of the beast came a steady stream of the Dead. Many spells and blessing had been used to get this far they were running low and still more came. The Yath’Sargtlin seeing the situation pulled the Silvered sword from the wrapping and with a scream to Malla Lolth and his Lord Seveltarm swung the sword with such vigor that what the blade touched simply exploded to dust. Not only did it kill the undead but its magic offered a protection from their attacks making the yath’sargtlin harder to hit. The Yath’Sargtlin noticed that behind all the Dead there stood a creature he had seen once before and that this must be the leader of this attack.. a Lich King. With the help of the others they pushed to the Lich knowing to kill the head will kill the rest. Magic and death crackled throughout the tunnels and cavern long was the battle the blade slicing through the Lich’s defenses and finally it succumbed to the magics and weapons of the group.

Quickly the group made its way back to the camp to safely put the sword away so that they Yath’tallars and ruling Yath members could decide how best to use this weapon in the battle to retake the City.
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The bane of Kiaransalee
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