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 A Post on the Notice Board

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Sergeant Jesus

Sergeant Jesus

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PostSubject: A Post on the Notice Board   Sun May 08, 2011 10:58 pm

*The title of the notice is written in a deep red colored ink, with bold letters in an attempt to draw attention. But the rest of the notice is in black ink.*

The Shadowdale Development and Relief Effort needs volunteers!

Times have been harsh for the people of Shadowdale. Many are poor and close to losing everything they have. Some have already lost everything save for the shirts on their backs. Recent attacks across the region have left many people dead and dying, a problem worsened by the increasing number of people falling ill these days. Problem upon problem seem to be stacking up.

But there is still hope! The Shadowdale Development and Relief Effort, SDRE for short, aims to help the needy. We're dedicated to helping out humanity within the region, and each one of us work to improve and even save lives, as well as donate to those who're in need, and provide other means of help.

But we're still so few as of this time. As a result, we of the SDRE are asking for volunteers. We're accepting whomever may desire to aid the people, be they individuals with knowledge in medicine, to people who wish for the means to aid the region and simply wish to help out. Both locals and adventurers are welcome in the Shadowdale Development and Relief Effort.

So join up and make a difference. Stand by your fellow man and support the community during it's dire need of help!

Those interested in joining should seek me, Attis, in or around Shadowdale. Leave a note for me at the Old Skull Inn should you have difficulty locating me.
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A Post on the Notice Board
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