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 [DM Vagabond Event] I Got My Eye On You

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[DM Vagabond Event] I Got My Eye On You Empty
PostSubject: [DM Vagabond Event] I Got My Eye On You   [DM Vagabond Event] I Got My Eye On You EmptyFri Jan 19, 2018 1:59 am

Throughout the week, those who frequently visit Krag Castle would spy the High Thaumaturge making her presence known in the courtyard. Typically she is seen across from the merchants who sell cheese, simply staring at the two as they work.

Guards were ordered to inform Lilly immediately if any dwarves are seen entering the Zhentarim territory. The Swordhands who patrol the courtyard were told to watch all of the merchants carefully.

The night before the one week mark after the incident, Lilly orders that the gates be closed for the evening and that no one is to be allowed in or out ....with the exception of officers or soldiers on patrol. She would have the cheese merchants wife taken into custody as Lilly approached the husband and took him in for questioning herself.
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[DM Vagabond Event] I Got My Eye On You
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