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 A Messenger to the Court

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A Messenger to the Court Empty
PostSubject: A Messenger to the Court   A Messenger to the Court EmptyTue Dec 19, 2017 11:01 pm

When there is an opening for petitioners to come to the court, Kala makes her way to stand in line among the other citizens of Myth Drannor. She waits her turn to be seen, and at long last approaches, notebook in hand. She bows before speaking, her voice even and polite.

"Hello... I'm a messenger. I was sent to ask upon the final word upon - " She double checks her notebook before continuing dutifully. "The issue of Azzelas York Vossler. He says he's been waiting quite a while for word, but no messengers ever seem to find him."

With that she waits for a reply, notebook in hand.
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A Messenger to the Court
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