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 Portal Attack near Rimwood

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Portal Attack near Rimwood Empty
PostSubject: Portal Attack near Rimwood   Portal Attack near Rimwood EmptySat Dec 16, 2017 3:31 pm

((A letter informing the Mages Guild in general and Sage Gray in particular is penned and sent with all haste to Shadowdale and the Guild.))

Quote :
Sage Gray,

A new portal attack claiming to originate from the person known as Zsalat occurred in the lands near Cormanthor just to the south of Rimwood yesterday. The attack came consequent to an offer to recruit any and all who would side with Zsalat in his effort to bring down the elven city of Myth Drannor. His offer was that he would give 30,000 gold, a horse or mule and three women for any who would join him. The offer was conveyed by an individual who was subsequently killed during the attack.

The initial portal disappeared soon after that messenger was killed and was replaced by several other portals in that same area. As soon as those multiple portals were established, they brought forth several malign beasts and other more intelligent creatures that launched a massive attack on our numbers. A few of our fighters were laid low, but eventually were revived to continue the fray. Several waves of this sort occurred over the next several minutes. Although the fighting was intense and our wounds numerous, we managed to prevail and the portals vanished as the last of our foes lay bleeding on the battlefield.

I cannot help but think that this attack was not meant to weaken our resolve or to actually recruit any of our number, but was more likely an effort to maintain the level of fear and anger that these incursions hope to establish in preparation for their major assault. Fear, anger, hatred…all can drive irrational actions and deteriorate our ability to respond with effective measures. With each attack, we see its effect; some of those who we once thought to be our ally or support our cause blatantly shift their allegiance or vacillate in their trustworthiness, whether it be for money or other purpose; others simply leave or refuse to become part of our efforts.

The threat that has been the theme of Zsalat’s onslaught was repeated and our demise predicted by the voice that emanated from within the portal. The Mythal is to be or is currently under attack and the voice claims it is being weakened. As such, and if that is true, it is only a matter of time before Myth Drannor comes under direct assault and the elves who have always been one of the areas greatest guardians will be subject to what will surely be a devastating series of attacks.

As an aside, I would caution any who might consider his offer that his word cannot be trusted, nor his ability or his intent to follow through on any and all promises. Zsalat needs expendable creatures as evidenced by the number of dead from his assaults…and those who would shift their allegiance so quickly and easily are also those who he would likely consider as his most dispensable troops.

Annelise Erynfelt
Paladin of Tyr and Knight of the Merciful Sword
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Portal Attack near Rimwood
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