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 Bulletin Board Notice

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PostSubject: Bulletin Board Notice   Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:01 pm

**A notice is pinned to Boards around Shadowdale and soon its content is shared to those unable to read**

Today, 18 of Hammer 1418 DR.

As a good portion of the militia left their guard posts, several casualties were suffered in a drow raid. The corpses of Billy Goodwill and his wife Tanya, Bob Benneth and his wife Adrianna were found while 4 others are reported missing.  Sonja Thornton and her daugther, whom was seen abducted by drows by her husband, Hubert Thornton as well as the children of the Goodwills and Benneths are missing.

According to Mr. Thornton, he was tortured for pure pleasure of a Drow raiding party in front of his beloved wife and daughter.  When they finally grew tired of it, they left him to bleed out as they dragged his wife and daughter away.

From Mr. Thornton’s description of the event, it seems that the Goodwills and Benneths were also victims of the Drow raid party.

The missing children are:

  • Lidya Thornton , 10
  • Jeanna Goodwill, 12
  • Felitzia Benneth, 14

A quick investigation found a note left by the raiding party:

We will release the woman in exchange for a prisoner, Krisdiana Hawklight, the Crafty , the Talonian Priestess you hold captive.
We will release the children in exchange for Lord Falconhand submitting himself to our care.
Failure to comply with our demands will be met by a slow and painful death brought to the captives once we’re done using them for slave breeding.

The Government of Shadowdale would like to remind everyone to barricade their doors and windows at night if you’re not within the perimeter of the inner walls. It would also be strongly recommended to avoid distracting the militia while they are on-duty.
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DM Kirin


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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board Notice   Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:50 pm

Much is commented among the townspeople after the raid. Several house heads and farmers that reside outside the walls demand that something be done to ensure the safety of their people, particularly since the harvest is practically looming upon everyone. There are some that request adventurers and sellswords be hired to guard the farmers performing the harvest.

The militia is being heavily criticized by the breach in security and the failure to stop such gruesome killings from happening, and a general rumor that adventurers are being organized into a rescuing party abound.

Lord Azzalar curiously seems to be being commended by taking an actual active role in organizing the militia despite his flailing health, and the ransom demanded of the children for him seems to be taken as a provocation and insult to Shadowdale in general. His official reply on this seems very measured and cautious, admitting that improvements must be made immediately regarding the safety of the farmlands beyond the wall, although no specifics are mentioned. Many an adventurer does find the lack of mention regarding the ransom as peculiar, if expected.
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Dave Fritz


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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board Notice   Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:04 pm

Bart leaves another note at the Temple.
Quote :
Lord Falconhand,
The recent news on the Bulletin Board is most disturbing. I would like to meet with you to discuss the situation, both in my role as Emmisary and as to things I may do personally to aid in the town's defense.

Bart Smith
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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board Notice   Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:13 pm

The staff at the Temple ask Bart to come back later, after night fall, as Lord Azzalar is quite busy at the moment and has an appointment during the early evening. A guard is dispatched with the note to locate Lord Azzalar and make him aware of Bart's request.
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PostSubject: Re: Bulletin Board Notice   

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Bulletin Board Notice
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