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 Our server plot !

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Our server plot ! Empty
PostSubject: Our server plot !   Our server plot ! EmptySun Oct 29, 2017 3:18 pm

I can not tell you what we are saying , but I want you to know that we ARE saying and planning. The Surface drow are working hard to set their plans in motion, Krag has things going on,  Myth Drannor is planning on preparing for the Drow invasion, Cyricists , and Malarites are already joining a chosen side, Misty Falls has secret plans,there are assassination plans afoot,  and there is so much intrigue happening that we can not tell every one about, that i may need to write a book just to keep track!

    come play, be your chars, and let us work our dastardly art !   ( even the goodly Elves of MD may need to get brutal on this one. )

  See you in game,

Muse and your Dm team.
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Our server plot !
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