Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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PostSubject: DM_Muse   DM_Muse EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 3:05 pm

Even though Dm'ing is anything but simple, the intent is very simple. 
Let there be Fun !  Let us lose ourselves in the moment!

    I chose the name Muse because i am a musician and composer. Creativity seems to run deep with me as my father says that i just wonder through life with my head in the clouds while God takes care of me.
( he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, and i compose rock operas )
   I love being the characters and creatures that you deal with. I enjoy your reactions and thoughts. I try to keep it real enough, and yet stay in lore as we go.
With a staunch scientific education, I tend to bend gray areas of lore that way.
Dont be surprised if Npc's that i bring have deeper intentions than the simple up front things they say. You might ask yourself "Why is this guy really willing to help us?"  , or maybe " Can we use this person, while they are using us? "
Some times you might just say " RUN ! "   as not all encounters are wise to challenge. Having a live Dm on the other side of the curtain brings what the game mechanics can't, so using your mind might be wiser at times than your weapon.
Personally, i love clever, and smart and even genius, especially when its funny. This applies just as much to the goodly pure hearted as it does to the dark wicked evil minded.
In the end, i try to show respect for your imagination and your time with us.
When on my chars as a private player, its fine to ask me to help, as i see that as my main commitment.
Let there be Fun!
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PostSubject: Re: DM_Muse   DM_Muse EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 3:43 pm

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