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 Planar attack in Shadowdale Woods

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PostSubject: Planar attack in Shadowdale Woods   Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:32 am

*a message sent to the Lords office, the Shadowdale Mage tower, and posted in town*

Yesterday a group of us were approached by a Mage of the Tower in town. She told us that she stumbled on a small tear in the planar fabric. She was adversely effected by it and was in pain as well as hearing voices. After a Mindblank spell she was able to focus more and lead a group of us to where this took place. We found some traces of magic in the farms as well as signs that a larger tear was taking place further to the North. After informing the local guards we traveled to Shadowdale Woods.

Once there we gathered a few more adventures and quickly discovered a few Outsiders (devils mostly) as well as powerful undead. After a quick battle we located the source of the disruption. A powerful drow mage was summoning what appeared to be two or possibly three different portals over each other. She spoke of "finally being able to weaponize it" as well as calling it or referring to something called a Nexus. Once we saw a number of powerful creatures as well as more drow emerge from the portals we attacked. After a difficult but ultimately successful battle we slew the mage and creatures. They seemed to be from the Negative material plane and different outer planes. Which seems to confirm that they opened something connecting to more then one place at a time.

We heard a number of voices coming from the portals but the magics sustaining it became very unstable with the death of the summoner. After a few minutes it collapsed on itself with a small magical explosion. While it seems we have ended the current threat; it is obvious that this was not the main attack and more of an experiment. During our time observing the situation we did see a few powerful beings reenter the portals from our side.

If you have any further questions I am always available.

Valtore Ahur, of the Ironhouse.
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Planar attack in Shadowdale Woods
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