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 Death of Nimlas Oakenhass Wood elf tracker, A mystery

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PostSubject: Death of Nimlas Oakenhass Wood elf tracker, A mystery   Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:35 am

A report comes from the elven camp in the deep woods.  It laments the death of one of their most reliable trackers, who was sent to assist a visitor, May,  to the camp, to find the body of a two headed troll that had reportedly been slain by this visitor.  The leader of the camp had offered a bounty on this troll, and  price for each head retrieved and presented at the camp.
    Nimlas Oakenhass was last seen leaving the camp with the visitor, tracing the tracks the visitor had left  in route to the camp, with intent to follow the trail to the body of the slain troll.
    However, fate did not go as planned. The body of Nimlas was found, cut and stabbed to death, with the deepest wounds from behind.
   In the pocket of Nimlas, was found a replica of a spider, suggesting that Lolthites may have been involved. Trackers found no other tracks by any other persons than Nimlas and the visitor.
Clearly the visitor, who was female and claimed to be named May was the culprit.  This visitor claimed to be half elf, but with the evidence, it is believed that this person was perhaps half drow, or worse, full drow. It has also been proposed that the evidence could be misleading on purpose.
    The camp has been placed on alert, and the leader demoted due to carelessness.
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Death of Nimlas Oakenhass Wood elf tracker, A mystery
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