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 A Wild Drow Appears

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PostSubject: A Wild Drow Appears   A Wild Drow Appears EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 7:29 pm

A drow dawning purple armor and a thin glowing sword makes her way to the surface. The light of day hurts her eyes but she is starting to grow accustomed to it. She slinks around for a bit looking for her prey. She finds a cave filled with gol (goblin) and pokes around inside. At the bottom of the cave she finds two adventures fighting the gol. She makes herself known and with a little "persuading" she forces them into showing her the dales. They make there way out of the cave to a burned down building with an alter covered by some shrubs. She places a small statue the size of her palm shaped like a spider onto the alter. They continue onward toward the rangers camp where another happens by. The drow forces the male of the party to have the newcomer along for the ride. The four of them continue on towards the farmlands of Shadowdale. On the outskirts of the farmlands the drow stops the three "slaves". The drow tells the three they are too take a statue each into dalelands and place them about for her. This she says will earn them there freedom. They all agree. After taking there spider statues the drow has a second thought and wants to keep one of the woman as a more permenent slave. The drow walks over to the woman and goes to take her into her hand. The woman throws some sort of potion at the drow but the drow simply side steps the attempt. Angering her she strikes out and cuts the woman down. Not wanting to ruin her plans of getting the statues into town she lets the other two captives take the fallen woman with her into town as the drow walks back towards her caves. Looking back as she goes she can see the two helping the fallen woman and heading to shadowdale.
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PostSubject: Re: A Wild Drow Appears   A Wild Drow Appears EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 8:18 pm

After helping carry the woman to the Chauntean temple the half-elven lass looks to the crypts north west of the temple doors. "Sufficient", she mutters and heads off up the hill. Sneaking passed the undead guardians on the first floor and dismembering the shambling guardians in the first chamber of the lower level she slides the lid off to the side of the previously unlocked crypt, stepping over the body of the unlucky thief who opened it in the first place. She places the spider statue inside before shoving the lid closed again and re-securing the lock giving only a momentary pause at the small amount of coins laying with the body. She then leaves with the same stealth she entered with muttering, "Told the Hound where I was putting it, authorities notified", her conscience clear.
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PostSubject: Re: A Wild Drow Appears   A Wild Drow Appears EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 10:35 pm

Roderick spent most of the night walking the distance from the Shadowdale central area towards the northern gate, spending several portions of lantern oil in the process. He gave up with resignation and went to the local inn to sleep a few hours, before waking up early the next morning. First thing he did was making a detailed written report (omitting some choice facts) for later delivery to the Commander, and then he made his way towards the offices of the government of Shadowdale to deliver his statement of the things that happened the day before. Being under the employment of Shadowdale meant he had to at least do this much, as a Hound recruit.

He gives a shorter verbal statement to the local officers, stressing out he tried his utmost to save the life of both women that were with him and his own life by doing as the drow told them to do under cohersion, and informing the authorities as to the whereabouts of the women as best he knows of. The young man stresses that the spider figurine he received disappeared from his possessions at some point when both he and Petri brought Elizabeth to the Chauntean Temple, and that he suspects the thing was magically mobile, like a tiny golem of some sort. He then wanders off to get some breakfast at the inn.

Later during the day, on the way out of the inn as he prepares to leave town to head to the two Forts to deliver his written report, he places his bags on the gound by the stone fence while casually placing a small, stone spider figurine among the tall grass, hidden from view. He spends a few moments organizing his travelling bag and his equipment before setting up and leaving town.
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A Wild Drow Appears
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