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 Departure of the Al-halshi

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PostSubject: Departure of the Al-halshi   Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:41 pm

In Shadowdale the Al-Halhsi Halflings are seen packing their things and quietly went eastward at Morning's dawn, towards the Anarouch Desert, not to be seen again.

They leave a Prayer to Yondalla at the nearest temple with the hope all Halflings will remember she who created the Halfling race and through her be blessed a long and happy life among their famillies.

Their banners are the last thing seen, fluttering proudly, and defiantly above the sandstorm of which they were marching towards.

An'Quda [8-8] Our path is clear; there is no light but the light of Yondalla.

// All the Al-Halshi Hin in shadowdale and in the module can be removed, as per dm request.
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Departure of the Al-halshi
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