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 Message left for Druids of the Comanthor

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Message left for Druids of the Comanthor  Empty
PostSubject: Message left for Druids of the Comanthor    Message left for Druids of the Comanthor  EmptyThu Feb 23, 2017 6:03 pm

A blond woman, wearing refined, well coordinated clothes that accent
The color of her hair, with jewelry that matches the ice blue of her eyes... Comes the the Comanthor Druid grove with a parchment in her hand.
  If no one greets her, she would leave it tucked into a pile of stones, placed in an obvious spot on the entry path.
It reads as follows:

To all who care for and nurture the glorious life in and of the Comanthor.
I report a danger that recently manifested in your woods.
I , Elektra, was moved by compassion for an injured  man who stumbled out of the woods at the gate to Myth Drannor. His desperation was obvious, crying out for help to rescue his fallen brother from wild animals that he said attacked in mass , were rabid in nature and acting most unnaturally.
   I and one other chose to help. We healed the man and set out to locate the brother.
Indeed, it seemed true , as we were attacked and almost overcome by hordes of animals that , to me, seemed driven mad by evil.
In the end , only myself and the other who went with me came back. The man seeking his brother did not make it out with us.
   I am not one who spends time in the wilds, and do not claim to understand what befell us ... But I have seen evil , of many kinds, and this seems very unnatural to me.

Elektra Mysteria
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Message left for Druids of the Comanthor
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