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 Black Mass is coming

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PostSubject: Black Mass is coming    Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:00 pm

Word is spread through official postings and word of mouth that a formal black mass will be happening shortly. The Faithful, the converted, the curious are all welcome to this glorious event.

Watchful Sister Cain will be holding the event and afterwords taking questions of faith in public or private at a individuals wishing.

OOC: So I plan to make this a semi regular event. If we get enough interest in it we can make it in game, but I also have a interest in putting it on forums so the maximum amount of people that wish to be a part of it can be without working around time tables. It will be structured in the sense that she will do part of her sermon. Then I will wait a day or two to leave time for people to react, before continuing it rather then it be a single peace dump. Hopefully I will start it up sometime this week.
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Black Mass is coming
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