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 Nefarious activities at the Feast of the Moon

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PostSubject: Nefarious activities at the Feast of the Moon   Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:25 am

///All this info I'm posting is to give some folks that may be privy or affected by these actions a chance to respond, it is NOT common knowledge///

Tasker can be seen out and about where the Festival is to be held (provided of course he can find out the location) He will scout the area and identify at least 3 escape routes with concealment being the main factor. Even going so far as to have tunnels under the leaves of the surrounding woods. He will do this as stealthy as possible. He will also get to know the workers setting up the event. He will also reacquaint himself with a few select people from when he interviewed for workers for his planned Dance Hall. These are people he plans to hire as extras for things like diversions and crowd redirects and various other nefarious activities.
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Nefarious activities at the Feast of the Moon
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