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 Letter left with one of the guards at Myth Drannor

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PostSubject: Letter left with one of the guards at Myth Drannor   Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:01 am

A letter is left with the guards, asked to be passed onto those in charge of patrols and so forth. The bearer is obviously a wood-elf, and wears openly the trappings of a disciple of Airdrie Faenya

Though a free spirit, I, Braethon Stormwind, feel the need to make the report that this evening I have encountered a drow on the edge of the Cormanthor.
I can give few details, except that she (definitely a she) was lithe, and moved in the shadows as if they were a part of her.
Admittedly I did not get a clear look at her face, it was hooded, though I did note that her hands were not covered by gloves, and the skin of the Illityrii was plain to see.
Few words were spoken, I demanded she remove her hood for identification purposes and she slid sideways into the shadows after refusing.
Being unable to find her after a brief search, I thought it best to report her sighting so the proper authorities can take whatever measures are deemed necessary.

Yours in honour and respect

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Letter left with one of the guards at Myth Drannor
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