Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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 OK here is the House cleaning

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White Rose


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PostSubject: OK here is the House cleaning   Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:38 am

i have already removed NWN2 from my computer.
Its the only way i know to just leave and stay gone.
I am informing the server , players and staff of the following :

as builder, i no longer have any toolset versions of anything. This includes the destroyed version of Misty Falls , the rebuilt new Keep of Misty Falls, and the new Hunt which i was asked to build.
You can make your own versions of any of these you wish, if ever needed.

As guild leader, i am no longer involved in anyway. I left Ranya and Isiolia in charge, Address all issues to them.

No one really cares when a long term player leaves, so nothing really needs be said other than :

Game Over

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PostSubject: Re: OK here is the House cleaning   Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:01 am

That's not true, people care. What happened?
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White Rose


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PostSubject: Re: OK here is the House cleaning   Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:03 pm

Breaking an addiction is never easy, a hard cut away works best for me.
It helps to add up all the negatives and focus on them , but clearly, the list of positives greatly , far outweigh the negatives, or it would not have been an addiction in the first place.
It's a great server.

   Listening to all my cousins who came to play with us here, I do see some commonality in a few negative areas.  Rule inconsistency , Dm negative interaction , unfair and selective treatment by staff, favoritism by staff,
Meta that is happening and ignored, nerfing of classes, Dm over reach of power based on personality , are the most common.

    Me personally, I have a huge imagination , and over years there have been many times I was pulled over and given a ticket for excessive imagination.  Yes, lore and cannon must be maintained , yet staff leaves no room for a novel length character development. Everything must be now.
  For instance ... Imagine a devil ravages a celestial and a child is born , torn within as to where on the side of good and evil the heart lays.. Being tugged back and forth , waxing and waning on the alignment scale.
I have no problem Rping that.  It can't happen here without being pulled over and given an Rp ticket.
   I first experienced Dm's in another server , where their job was to be involved in a character's walk through life.
I would say that here , my experience with Dms has been more of a patrol and police over watch. No one in particular, nothing personal.
I can admit to working the mechanics at times for Xp, but that is not what I speak of.  Rp of our characters as the full life persons that we envision may not be allowed here.
It was always fun , good Rp , and in lore. My level of immersion in the character is Just too wide for narrow scripted limits.

Other than that ,

Game Over
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PostSubject: Re: OK here is the House cleaning   

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OK here is the House cleaning
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