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 A pact complete

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PostSubject: A pact complete   Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:23 am

Martin had given her what burial he could, layed her to rest, prayed for her.

flora wouldnt seleep so easily, her soul lingering for teh inevitable cursing the poor mistake she had made that had cost her everything. Then it cam, quietly at first as the rumble built into a scream around her as her patron emerged into her thoughts adn stood before her soul.

"Quite the choice you made girl, but no matter, with this your debt is had one chance adn that has left you so now you are mine the last piece in a long overdue bargain" *the creature laughed cruelly at her*

the ground shook and split and unnatural fire poured fourth from the rents, martin had to think quick to dodge teh opening rifts adn the flames before being sarmed by biting shrieking mephits.

As the creatures flocked around attacking all who they could find Helegenas voice boomed gruffly, a mocking tone with dark laughter as she dragged floras body back to teh hells where her spark had been made.

"this is the final payment"

once teh body had been taken teh hillside healed as the rift closed up, scortch marks and lingering whisps of hellfire all that remained of the teifling warlock.
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PostSubject: Re: A pact complete   Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:40 pm

He did not know her, but she was helping a friend of his and that counted for something. They met and she was slain in less than an hour. The aasimar tried raising her to no avail and so carried her body across the river. It was in transit that her hood fell away and she was revealed to be one of fiendish blood. "The temple wouldn't be so inclined to help you, would they?" he thought sadly, opting instead to bury her at the top of the hill overlooking the Crossroads. Faithless or pacted, even she deserved a proper burial. There was nothing more he could do for her.

After interring her in the earth, he knelt to pray as the sun rose over the hills. That's when the quaking started...

Martin fought off the hellish creatures easily and cleansed the land with the help of another. The red-headed aasimar left the aftermath (and the group of curious onlookers that had gathered) angry, frustrated, and disappointed yet again by the poor choices of yet another tiefling.
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A pact complete
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