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 DM Nessus Departure

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PostSubject: DM Nessus Departure   DM Nessus Departure EmptyWed Jul 27, 2016 5:33 pm


It is with mixed feelings and a heavy heart that I announce the departure of DM Nessus from our team. The purpose of this thread is to not explain the reasoning's behind his departure and to not start rumors or talks among the community, but to give some closure and clarity as to what will happen next.

His departure is abrupt and we know he had things on the go so I will try my best to give the proper compensation and closure that I can in regards to his undertakings. His event will likely come to an abrupt end, though his event was well documented to us privately, I don't think any of us can do his wonderful storyline any justice. I am willing to give closure to how the event may have ended with the information we have, and remove any plot items that maybe left in inventories.

In regards to the investment bank of Myth Drannor, anyone who had money should contact me to get their refund. RP will be done at a later date to justify the sudden and unannounced change.

The thread is going to be locked, questions or concerns can be directed to Vox or myself.

Thank you,
- DLB Team
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DM Nessus Departure
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