Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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 Warning Poster: Portals & Demons on the Road!

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PostSubject: Warning Poster: Portals & Demons on the Road!   Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:06 pm

Quote :

Howdy on an all, its your beloved tormentor and loveable rogue here Nadia the goat girl! yep that pesky tiefer you all love to hope one day ill just leave and not come back! despite donating alot of gold to your town awhile aback.... yep... that fully belly you an your kids have.... my doing!

anyhow... as normal I got of subject... heh

BEWARE THE ROADS! Magical Portals spitting out more demon spawn that a horny elf in a salon!

if you see a big glowly portal that makes you frightened, excited, sickened and horny... all at once.... RUN AWAY!

unless your a paladin, or cleric, then have at it! im sure your god has your back!

but the rest of you peons, aka farmers.... need to stay away!

please see below for life like picture of demons....


Freaky Fat demonic like baby things...... what just cuz im a tiefer does not make me a demonic expert! rasict human scum....... yes... joke intended... points to you if you got it!

Sexy Hin mage & Evil Portal!= Run away! yes even the hin mage.... I kinda pissed her off.... she might be seeking to destory all life..... or plot wickedness!

this warning was brought to you by Nadia.... your safey is importent to me.... I love you all.... p.s remember... I was never there... it was not me... your lock was like that then I found it....

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Warning Poster: Portals & Demons on the Road!
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