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 A Wave of Warmth in Shadow Dale

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PostSubject: A Wave of Warmth in Shadow Dale   Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:52 pm

The Calishite Firewalker, Miiah, can be found traveling in and near Shadowdale clad in a suit of mithral chain mail with orange and crimson trappings which declare her a priestess of Kossuth. She preaches the radiance of her Fiery domain, and offers advice to those who ask it; though for the most part she takes it upon herself to perform minor miracles of healing, generally only asking for a small donation of grain, metalwork, or wine in return for the service. She maintains true to the adage of payment of kind for kind for which The Lord of Flame is known for.

In all her actions, it seems that it is nothing short of what might be expected of a priestess. Any donations received by her from the peasantry goes to the Shrine of Kossuth to provide nourishment for honored guests, pilgrims, as well as to be offered to the flames during religious rites.

((OOC - Currently House Sitting for family members and taking care of their property, no computer access out there, but I can still do forum RP if you guys have something you want to run by her. Also, DM's feel free to respond to her ministries as according to how they might be recieved. Very Happy ))
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A Wave of Warmth in Shadow Dale
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