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 Blues Workshop

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PostSubject: Blues Workshop   Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:45 pm

Blue goes into his work shop takes notes on whats left there and begins to pull out a piece of mithral and begins working it into a smaller thinner square flat piece. after days of work to get it into the right shape width and height and thickness. Width 1 foot height 2 foot thickness quarter of an inch.

he takes the metal lays it flat takes some heated elven runes made out of metal that have a pole between them and a blunt end meant to be hit with a hammer. he begins hammering the runes into it positioning them just right given it both a sunken in text while raising the back side in the shape of the runes flipped so the runes stand out.

once finished it reads.
For those members who have sacrificed them selves in order to help and save others of the many dales. You shall never go unnoticed again you shall forever more be honored here where you shall always be remembered. You were some of the best of us and you will always be missed. Our Friends.

*below that is a list of names of those that died in service to all the people that were members of the tower.*

Ahri Benseph

*he then begins working on an iron wood frame that as a glass display and opens to allow the plaque to be displayed and removed as needed to up date the list decorated with elven and other mixed races scenes to make it feel like it belongs to each race.. he then takes it to the tower storage and puts it in the vault along with a note that reads*

if there are some others im unaware of or you think of something to add let me know i will do such all should be honored in some way in order to be remembered for their works and deeds.
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Blues Workshop
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