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 Outside the hunt

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PostSubject: Outside the hunt   Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:24 am

Her body lay on the ground rent by claw and fang, her armour split by supernatural claws, floras day had turned for the worst. Her companions (amalee, dash and ivy) had managed to drag her out while being chased by the angry remnants of the alphas pack, when in a safer place they had discussed what to do drawing scrolls and preparing for some rather serious magics.

however another had been watching them, something that wasnt ready to let her plaything go just yet, using her infernal connection the devil helegena (floras patron) had watched the living fruitlessly attempt to lure floras soul back to her body. But as much as they tried helegena was simply toying with flora keeping her from returning just yet.

mocking her victim and her compatriots she warned them that flora was hers for now and so took the rest of flora into her "care".

flora awoke within unfamiliar chambers as pain wracked through her body, there had been no healing and her fiendishly gifted powers were only keeping her concious, Helegena standing over the unfortunate tiefling laughing at her predicament.

"well girl, you really have been stupid now havent you"
*cussing was all she got before helegena slapped her back into unconciousness.
"tools should know their palce"
*swaying off to toy with another soul helegena left flora where she lay until she could be bothered with her again*
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Outside the hunt
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