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 Uragu's little helpers

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PostSubject: Uragu's little helpers   Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:45 pm

present: Leo lyon, Anna tery, Ivy, Dhalia sotaru, Seratol, Galawyn, Laura.

It happened one night, the beast uragu encountered curious folk on the road, those who understood she was a slave and wished to help the beast, after some time of coaxing she was lead to the rangers camp where sister laura, leo adn Ivy attempted to remove her bonds, many of which where threaded adn embedded within her flesh over the years she grew with them. having to resort to both clerical and bardic magics to sooth the beheamoth uragu lay still, the vast majority of her confinement removed. The night was long and many others assisted the three in freeing her, but she was startled to wakefulness and as any startled animal does, she panicked thrashing and damaging herself more as she sought her escape from the crowd.

and so she fled into the river, emerging further down the bank she searched for a quiet place to hold up while she recovered, wedging herself into a deep crevice she fell into a hibernative slumber for now while she healed slowly from her injuries, who knows when she'll wake again but thigns will be different when she does.

for those wishing to follow her she can be easily tracked with her heavy stumbling footfalls and thick blood to the smugglers cave (merrow cave) where she has secreted herself as she slowly regenerates from her wounds.

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PostSubject: Re: Uragu's little helpers   Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:13 am

After short time a bare foot is set in the river, making her way deeper in. This is it, this is where the river tried to wash the pain off, that left her body as blood. Ivy looks at her reflection in the river, the reflection that was addressing her. She makes few more steps deeper and the water level crosses her waist, closing her reflection to her. She is such a powerful creature, this Aquan Soul. She spent entire life with those chains in her body, and survived. The reflection that appears to Ivy's eyes as her corrupted and horrific version of herself smiles. Constant pain inflicted upon her through entire life have been eternity for her. Over the years it grew and you are now setting it free. I am so proud of you. And now we shall collect the remains of what she wields. Let us bathe in these waters, where just small portion of her pain still lingers. Let her pain be our pleasure, and we shall feed upon it. Ivy nods to her reflection, and then continues further down into the river, until finally she ends up under the water. Once she crosses the water surface level, she was no longer on this plane, she vanished into her spirit journey.
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Uragu's little helpers
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