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 Spice and Wolf: Shadowdale Edition

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PostSubject: Spice and Wolf: Shadowdale Edition   Sat May 28, 2016 5:40 pm

There are two parts of this post so please read carefully

First Part:

Closed Event: (I don't normally like to publicaly post closed event scheduling but this is to make it easier for those involved.)

The Merchant dealings of Prim, and those who are involved. Will tomorrow at 1 pm EST time work for you? Please PM me with your answer.

Second Part:

Other Merchants:

Not this weekend, but soon I will be creating a merchant event, so start saving up for supplies to deal. There will be three 'catagories.' Start thinking up what kind of products you'd like to supply/deal with.

1. Furs
2. Arms
3. Foods
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Spice and Wolf: Shadowdale Edition
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