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 Rumors: Tavern and Trade Route Talk

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PostSubject: Rumors: Tavern and Trade Route Talk   Tue May 17, 2016 1:49 pm

Talk amongst merchants and gamblers tell of fanciful tales regarding dragons infesting the area around Two Forts; some merchants claim they saw a beast twenty feet high, tramping through the break in the treeline, taunting sleeping bowmen with it's white scales glistening in moonlight. Others regard a green dragon, chasing travelers into the safety of the tents, but gone the very next moment and back into the darkness.

Still more rumors start to suggest how good a dragon skull would look on the outside of the Mercenary Fort.

Whatever the talk, they extend as far as Shadow Dale, and they more than often tell of the scaled kind starting to take over the secret parts of the forests.

Missing patrols may no longer be merely attributed to a Drow or Bandit threat by the locals, given the rumors, the knowledgeable ale drinker might well consider it to be the result of dragons.

It is possible that merchants are even more loath to travel as these rumors spread, the talk suggests, what with adding dragons to the list of the Drow threat. A simple mind could agree that the alleged presence of these dragons does not seem to bode well for the continued growth of the economy.

Jokes are still told about a nobleman who near and about slipped in the mud after shouting warnings of dragons, before sprinting off and disappearing into the night; but following this, the jokes quickly turned to sightings and still more rumors.
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Rumors: Tavern and Trade Route Talk
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