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 A Flyer Posted all over Titled History of zhents

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PostSubject: A Flyer Posted all over Titled History of zhents   Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:17 am

bane was crawling one day sucking on his thumb when he felt this urge to go so he took off his diaper and crapped. it was then the first banite was born of course at this time bane was already a full grown adult many years behind the other gods and goddesses.

the other gods and goddesses had tried to teach him over the years many times but being the village idiot he is nothing took.

later he had to take a piss and it scared him when it came out straight after all he did not know he was a male it was then he became the god of piss fearing. later own in life having been scared by every little thing he decide to become the god of fear and every time he took a crap a zhent was born of course they were barely smarter than he was so in order to strike fear into them he told them he would shove them back in his arse. then to go forth and spread his word.

hence the reason why banites are always talking dung out their arses while acting like spoilt entitled little baby bitches. little do they know long comes an evil god/goddess who bends bane over and has its way with him giving birth when it pulled out to the newer still dumber than a box of rocks spouting crap if their lips are moving stinking afraid of everything zhent.  only later does he find out it was his own brother that did such.

so folks it simple conclusion to make the zhents are inbred idiotic scared crapless of everything crap spewing idiots who thing the world owes them everything and are entitled to what ever they want.

there is no signature or marks to determine the writer
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PostSubject: Re: A Flyer Posted all over Titled History of zhents   Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:42 pm

Strolling through the woods near Shadowdale Aleister would stumble on one of these flyers. A smirk forms on his pale skinned face as he crumples the flyer.

"Whomever wrote this must have been a neglected child with a below average comprehension...That or has a small reproductive organ. No matter this person is a coward only capable of infantile insults"

Aleister would continue on his way looking around perhaps to find the fool that was spreading these flyers about.
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A Flyer Posted all over Titled History of zhents
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