Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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 "Verify, I see the smokeless fire"

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PostSubject: "Verify, I see the smokeless fire"   Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:47 pm

A day like other, certainly for Calinshae Al-Halshi. Still stationed at the Myth Drannor refugee camp. With some jaleousy she had seen the sucsesses of her sister. And what purpose was hers again? Sameer Al-Halshi had sent her to to the dales, did he not? And for what purpose. To sit in a refugee camp. All smiles and welcoming any Halfling around the campfire. Yon'dah'lah willing, Calinshae would find some purpose in this life without clear purpose or goal. Thoughts lingering, as she entered the Sewers for the.. Seventh time?

perhaps so. Calinshae yawned.

"Yon'dah'lah knows best." She muttered.

Surely wandering through the sewers had it's merits. The Slimes that lingered around proved to be good target practice for her shortbow, And by the Provider's Bags of holding, this place is quite the treasure chamber! These slimes have a hunger for so many things. Valuable things.

"Well then there's at least something to drag up to the store and think at Evening's prayer the day has been fruitefull. That I have been usefull. Somehow. Some way." Annoyedly Calinshae throws a Magical Falchion and a Magical Towershield into her bags. How the slimes have had an appitite these past few days.

And there was a tallwoman Calinshae ran into. Trudy was her name. Kind, and good with her fists. Surely talented to her race. There was hope Trudy would at least find some purpose to be usefull, and kind, and a example to her people perhaps. They talked, and Trudy mentioned the Halflings. How mistrustfull they were in her eyes. And Trudy also explained why. A sadness fell over Calinshae. The Halfling race, once so referred for their kind nature, here having a reputation not to be proud off?

Alone, standing on the Bridge in the sewers, Calinshae kept thinking of that. the scattered Halflings, their seemingly bad reputation, and what they are supposed to be.

"How did it come to this. How did it ever come to this?"  Calinshae asked herself, lifting her hands in silent prayer to the Provider and Protector.

"Perhaps then, there is purpose to your arrival here, and that of your sister, and that of all of your tribe, who now march northward..."

So said a voice. Deep and slightly distorted. But this was no Daydream. This was real. Eyes wide open, Calinshae looked around. Looking and looking. How can there be a voice, and not a person that said it?

And there was a warmth. Like A hearthfire if you would draw close to it. Calinshae dropped her Shortbow on the bridge. Startled. Knowing what she is experiencing. She heared what her eyes did not see. And The Holy book of the Al-Halshi was ever so clear when this was happening. They who know the scriptures, they who believe. They who recite the texts know how to see.

See the Unseen.

Slowly Calinshae reached into one of her bags with her right hand. There it was. Soft Desert sand from the Calim Desert. A piece of home she carried with her, always. And then with one swift movement she sprayed the air with the sand, and cited the words from the An'Quda. A verse she knew without needing to read the book. They who study the Unseen know this chapter well. The third chapter, About the World we can see, and they who lie obscured from sight. The unseen.

"The courner of the Djinn's flames have all the different colors; the red and the green and the blue. And the orange and the yellow. They have all of these colors. Amazing indeed if one could lay eyes upon them. And that is what the Djinn are made from. The very ending of the fire."

Much of the sand floated around the Sewers around the bridge, and fell down as it should do. but some of it kept floating, it kept dancing around as if sprayed over something. And slowly a shape became visable. Calinshae Narrowed her eyes. In amazment. it was true.

"Verify I see the smokeless fire
Samuum is how it is called.
And Verify I know of your name.
For your flames are of the very ending.
The very ending of the fire."

"And so you see the unseen, as it was revealed in the Guidance to your people," The Distorted voice spoke back. A flame, nearly twice as big as Calinshae towered above her. A Head seen, but nearly visable through the outline of all the colors within the flames. Looking down upon the Little Halfling. But she feared not this wall of Fire and held an opened An'Quda in front of the Flame. The chapter opened, Truely it was the third chapter. The golden pages reflected back the light of the Flame.

"Brave Al-Halshi," The Distorted voice spoke, "For not even the lord of fire could prefent, all the Jinn bowed their head when the An'Quda was spoken and written down. Verify this is the age of the Revelation of your tribe onto others, and all the Jinn shall observe your deeds with interest."

Calinshae looked up with emotion in her eyes, turning watery. Now she understood. Sometimes, just sometimes a life so uneventfull still has a purpose. Known to none but the Unseen and the Provider alone. Was it her place to call her life without purpose? reason for her existence would be revealed to her, as the purpose of her tribe was revealed in the An'Quda. And perhaps it is meant to be. yes meant to be that all the Halflings have such a bad reputation, and are so scattered. For that may have caused the An'Quda to be made to begin with. And for all the Famillies of the Tribe that Wanders to unite under one name: The Al-Halshi. The Provider knows the way, and all we do.

"All We do is to follow onto the straight path layed out for us by She who is the Provider and Protector. We the Al-Halshi are needed. And we come where we are needed."
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"Verify, I see the smokeless fire"
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