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 Runic tablet addressed to the Lord of Ironhouse Hall

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PostSubject: Runic tablet addressed to the Lord of Ironhouse Hall   Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:21 pm

(( script of the tablet is written in Dwarven runes taught only to paladins and clerics of Moradin ))

Greetings Lord,

  I am; Hammer of Moradin, Feller of Giants, Slayer of Dragons, and friend to all goodly folk, Drand'Ogan Worldcrusher. In years passed I walked these lands, at times beside your predecessor Crudak, before the recovery of your great hall. Sadly those battles we after my departure from the dales. It is with great pleasure however I can offer my services to yourself and our kin as the Hammer that smites Moradin's enemies once more. Drand'Ogan walks the dales once more and all that seek the dark will find only light by my axes might!

Drand'Ogan Worldcrusher Hammer of Moradin
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Runic tablet addressed to the Lord of Ironhouse Hall
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