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 A Maul?

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PostSubject: A Maul?   Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:43 pm

Over the past tenday there have been some wild rumours making the rounds. Some of them have been in relation to Loric and a behemoth of a hammer he has been seen with. Things started when he approached the saddler asking for a strange design of a harness, when asked to present the item that required securing then gossip started to fly. He has been observed helping on one or two farms using this giant mallet to pound fence stakes into the ground, that in itself is nothing strange. However when during market day he was seen waling through the middle of town with it strapped to his back, one farmer could be overheard telling stories to a captive group.

Quote :
I tell ye all there 'sumin strange bout that hammer. Out by the olf Vernor farm they was having trouble with the kobolds, and im there was called out t'deal with the blighters. I saw 'im with me own eyes heft that, that, thing with a single hand off 'is back. Swung at the kobold in the field and hit it 'quare in the chest, the thing took off 'm telling you, straight up and away over the field it went. The boy was sent up there after to find the body and burn it, he said it can't see where it landed.

After seeing Loric with the hammer on his back and smelling the chap in the market, most of sound judgement would agree this is likely just tall tavern talk that comes after hitting the mead too hard.
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A Maul?
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