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 The Preparation of a Tent

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PostSubject: The Preparation of a Tent   Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:07 pm

With a clever look on her face Noya Al-Halshi lifts an index finger, explaining her plan to Sordoc.

"I have an idea. We seek a place for our goals, and needs not to be that grand. I need a Tent to invite all the willing for gatherings at times. You need a store for your exotic imports. Surely we can aid each other. And perhaps Mister Twitch too, with his fondness for all the things a desert Culture may bring, we can help him out too. Why not let the tent be Functional for all three of us?"

Noya and Sordoc seek out a place for a Tent, and soon decide on a possible location.


After a long discussion on their needs, ideas and concerns Noya writes up all that is needed, and who to contact. Surely this idea is benifitial to all. Noya and her Tribe, Sordoc and his Lucrative exports, and Mister Twitch, for likely such a tent would draw more attention to his events then just wandering in town.
And to the town as well, that Dead, and scorched strech of land along the road could be brightened up by a Colorfull tent and all what the Guardians of the Caravan (Al-Halshi) could provide.

Noya sets out to do the following:

- Contact the town leadership on the idea of the Tent
- Contact the Temple about the plans, and the idea of replacing the burned tree for several Palm trees around the tent.
- Try to contact Mister Twitch (dm vox?) about imports of Oasis fruits, dates and Carpets, drapes from his collection. Also asking about the idea of the Tent's function to Mister Twitch; plans and ideas.
- Make a Journey to the south, calling out to her Tribe for three Janissairy guards who can keep watch near the tent and keep Sordoc's goods save, as well as the tent.

A merchant was also requested for Sordoc's goods, Noya awaits word from Sordoc if the merchant has been found. But the tent would have plenty of place for that!

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PostSubject: Re: The Preparation of a Tent   Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:11 pm

2. Preperations

At Morningbreak, Noya Al-halshi is seem going through some notes written on a small notice board that is placed close to the Burned, dead tree in Shadowdale central. With a feather-pen in her small Halfling hand Noya makes ajustments upon it.

Noya's Tent, and Sordoc's Imports


- Contact the town leadership on the idea of the Tent Done

- Contact the Temple about the plans, and the idea of replacing the burned tree for several Palm trees around the tent. Done

- Contact Sordoc about a Merchant in his service. (When the Tent's materials have arrived.)

- Establish contact with the Tribe for aid on growing the Date Palm trees, and a guard. Problem.


Problem. How long has it been? Several years now. Would the tribe still be there, South of the Desertmouth mountains? All letters sent, they remained unanswered. But surely, They would still be there. Noya was confinced. There shall be no problem on the last stage of the creation of Noya's Tent. Yon'dah'lah willing, the Tent shall be the beacon of hope to all the Halflings. And the Tent shall be, proof of the Guardians of the Caravan to exist.

For now, and all these months before. Especially the Tallfolk. They laughed at her.

Desert Rat. Ajal, such was how that "Halfling" that claims not to be a Halfling Called her. And all her kin. Insignificant. To be ignored, or snarled at. Her tribe likely didnt even exist.

Noya stared southward. Over there, across the green hills, and through all these forests,  they lie the Desertmouth Mountains. And west of there the Anouroch Desert. Vast, relentless and hiding many secrets.

"Let them say we do not exist."

"Do you feel that? Do you hear? The trampling of neighing hooves .."

A smile fell across the Desert Halfling's lips. Mysterious, and keeping her secrets to herself for now.
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PostSubject: Re: The Preparation of a Tent   Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:33 pm

O Shadowdale.
How you lie on a crossroad of paths.
How have you seen so many scenes of destruction
Of strive, of occupation and liberation.
How you were so resilliant.

O Shadowdale.
How threats lie close to your borders.
And they who have prying eyes upon you
From across the hills where a castle stands cold and menacing.
They are not resting.
And they are always planning.

O Shadowdale
How many adventurers have gathered at your village center.
How too, militia have been trained and walls made.
All around you like a fortress.
Just like the fortress of Misty falls that stands there.
Defiant, facing the castle all alone.

O Shadowdale
How many eyes are upon these lands, where the castle lies. Where Misty Falls remains.
How all these adventurers have set their attention upon.
They look in that direction, and so do the Militia. And so do all who mean something
In your village, that crossroad of paths.
But have they forgotten, do they forget to look south, where nothing seems to come from?
Indeed, all they who mean something have set their mind upon lands north of you.
And they do not foresee.

O Shadowdale
How it was a mere simple task. A simple request.
truely how could a mere tent have provoked this.
But like many small things, a tent is merely that what sparks it.
The torch that has been lit. The Oil that has been set on fire.
The Guardians of the Caravan (Al-Halshi) have moved into the Dales.

O Shadowdale
How I feel for you, for all that may come now.
Feel the ground, the trampling of neighing hooves.
Hear the roar in the distance. That is how the Lions approach.
Indeed all who are Halfling shall soon see.
How the banner of Yondulaahi shall wave before their eyes.
In your village, O Shadowdale.

The Guardians of the Caravan are coming.

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PostSubject: Re: The Preparation of a Tent   

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The Preparation of a Tent
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