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 Posters placed

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PostSubject: Posters placed   Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:41 pm

Notices go up in both the Lathander settlement and Myth Drannor.

Quote :
To followers of the morning lord, the crying god, the judge of the dammed and our harvest maiden. I seek an audience with you all to propose an endeavour to benefit the whole of Shadowdale not just one group or area. those who are interested in discussing a new dawn of cooperation and friendship please leave word at the House of Plenty in Shadowdale

Loric Menan

//Due to timezones and such I think this meeting will probably be best done in a thread on the Shadowdale RP forum rather than ingame. I will start up a "meeting" thread in a couple of days, there folks can check in with characters that are interested then after a couple more days we can move it forwards to actual RP.
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Posters placed
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