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  Odd sights in North Shadowdale

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PostSubject: Odd sights in North Shadowdale   Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:46 pm

(posted with some permission from DM's)

For those travelling the Daggerdale road from Shadowdale Market over many days, may happen to see a rather intriguing sight around the Militia Training Grounds.

Several groups of militia in armor and various styles of combat gear seem to be harrying and chasing after different large monsters. The small groups seem to work in tandem to keep the monsters off balance and on the back foot, often pursuing the creatures around the fields between the training grounds and the river Ashaba.

The groups seem to take in turns, once on group tires, the other takes over, keeping the various monsters tired and beaten. Though the monster appears to differ on each occasion, some days it's a monstrous and stinking troll, others it's a sneaky and speedy blade spider. There is the occasional incident of an umberhulk being used for target practice, disappearing underground and reappearing elsewhere in the fields in an attempt to disorientate the small units of guardsmen.

On one occasion, Bows are broken out and a Gargoyle is apparently let loose. With somewhat bad swooping and such, the guardsmen use the wild and frantic movements of the winged beast to learn the arts of leading targets. Though, after some time, the gargoyle appears to crash into the muddied fields near the river, apparently taking a few too many shots in the harden skin.

After these training sessions are over, Sordoc will congratulate the militia and guardsmen, but will muse over the possibilities of a wider variety of monsters and gribblies to train with

*IC note: for those watching these events with True sight active, will notice it is not monsters being let loose, but Sordoc under a polymorph form, likely getting the muchly deserved beatdown*
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Odd sights in North Shadowdale
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