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 Weaving the safety net

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White Rose


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PostSubject: Weaving the safety net   Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:26 pm

After reading reports on Zhent activity , and contrasting the state of defenses that's Misty Falls is capable of bringing to bear, Elektra set the parchment down on the desk, resting her hand on the cool wood. A deep feeling of dread began to rise in her, as she recalled the sheer brutality the Zhents had shown her in previous days, when they occupied Shadowdale.
 "We can't beat the entire Zhent empire... ", she spoke to herself, rubbing her aching temples.
It was clear to her that fate could bring the winds of change , and that it was up to her to provide an alternative plan , if those winds came as a deadly storm.
   An hour later, she stood at the front gate of the Keep, dressed in brown leathers reminescent of military style, set for her journey to Shadowdale.
On her way, she struggled with the very idea that her home could become rubble and flames at the hand of Zhents. The guild had stood strong against every other foe in the Dales... carving out of the wilderness , a place where respect and freedom were the law.
   She barely heard the rush of the river as she crossed it into the Cross roads. She hardly noticed the birds singing , as she walked on to the east gate of the town.
She found Commander Vorick near the city hall.
    There she offered to invest in the reconstruction of the town, including upgrades to previous buildings, water works and if it became necessary to relocate the guild here, to provide guards for defense of the town.
    Vorrick responded in a positive manner with all the ideas , and it was agreed to set a meeting with Wester Colt and other Misty Falls council.

Elektra left the meeting feeling mixed emotions, but at least , she was looking out for the guild's future ... However it may come... A 'plan B.'

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Maiden of Loss


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PostSubject: Re: Weaving the safety net   Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:58 pm

Elektra would begin to see Isiolia less and less around Misty Falls. Lia does, however, leave a quickly written note with the innkeeper at the Old Skull Inn; after months of not stepping foot inside the city.

Quote :
Dear Elektra,

If you would like me to meet with you and Wester, please feel free to leave correspondence at the Dancing Moon. I have serious doubts about the guild moving to Shadowdale but I suppose we have little choice left.

There may be serious doubt in my heart and I do not trust those that claim to want the "best" for that poor little farming town. But, I will be glad to meet once a time and place is decided. Let us hope Wester is truly on our side and let us hope the city politics are not our undoing.


Isiolia Nightstar

Once the note is left, the moon elven woman leaves the Inn and walks toward the Crossroads. She spares a glance, examining the results of reconstruction. Her facial expression is neutral as she departs and heads toward the road once more.
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Weaving the safety net
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