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 A warm open house

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PostSubject: A warm open house   Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:41 am

Since returning to Shadowdale Loric has noticed both good and bad in the town. Granted the Zhentarim have been driven out and things seem to be getting back to a good wholesome farming community, but there is still much that is damaged and with it brings hardships. He has noticed an alarming amount of homeless and beggers within the town center.

Due to the continued drop in conditions normal for this time of year Loric first reacquaints himself with the priests of Chauntea at the new temple, he then spends time checking up on the old farm families. Upon finding one whom are on the verge of poverty themselves (due to having no livestock left alive), he arrives on a solution for both problems.

A generous payment is made to the farm family for the use of their barn until spring, enough to keep them in food and firewood till the weather warms, and have some remaining to buy a few animals at the first years market. The Chauntean temple then furnish this barn with basic bed blankets and provide soup and bread meals to all the homeless of Shadowdale for the cold winter months remaining. The homeless are free to come and go so they may beg or find work in the day and have a hot meal and shelter at night.

The help given is not entirely free though, each person who makes use of this warm house must agree to donate at least one full day per week of their labour. This can be in the form of simply clearing rubble, aiding in the fields, or if they have any skills of their own then putting them to use such as carpenters etc. In addition to this the temple will provide healing of all kinds for any injuries or illnesses suffered during any work related to the aid of the town, this will be free of any normal donations the temple normally asks, and will be kept available until the spring equinox.

OOC: A donation to the Chauntean guild of 5000gp will be made IG to cover the costs of this.
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A warm open house
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