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 [Krag] To the High Inquisitor

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PostSubject: [Krag] To the High Inquisitor   Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:53 pm

A letter, sealed with black wax but without emblem is given to the guards by the friendly, polite and very blue dressed half-elf that appears up at krag now and then. It is adressed to the High Inquisitor.

You asked me to proove my worth, to deliver you someone of worth to the people of shadowdale.

Two of celestial origins asked me to set up a meeting with the leaders of the local Zhentarim, to discuss peace. As foolish as they are, their presence is a boost to the morals of the common folk around here and seem to be surprisingly powerful.
They have agreed to meet representatives of the Zhentarim on the grounds of the dancing moon. I suggest that I lead them there on a time of your choosing, so agents can ambush them either on their way there, or on the way back. A boat should be easy enough to catch.

Leave a response with the tavern for the name "Elizier", I will check for it every day.

The letter is not signed.
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[Krag] To the High Inquisitor
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