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 Letter to Elder Dorn

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PostSubject: Letter to Elder Dorn   Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:03 am


To the Honorable Elder Dorn.
With Glad tidings from Misty Falls.
Elektra Mysteria

With great relief and joy at the fall of the undead, i look ahead to a bright new day and a future where lives can recover and joy can be had to all.

I wish to meet with you , concerning investing in Shadowdale, to improve what was lost, and restore the town and its lands beyond what it was before tragedy.
While doing the study to restore the fields that were salted by the Zhents, I came to appreaciate the location of the lands, and since the restoration is not likely for growing crops, there is considerable use for it still.
I look forward to a day where economic growth can return to Shadowdale as well as jobs, prosperity and restoration of the population.

Please respond at your convenience, with all good hope.

Elektra Mysteria

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Letter to Elder Dorn
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