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 Between Dagger Hills and Shadowdale

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PostSubject: Between Dagger Hills and Shadowdale   Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:37 am

The Arch Druidess stood by with a half-hidden solemn expression, arms folded across her chest as she peered across the barren land just inches from the soil, wavering along the visible border. She stared for what may have been seconds or minutes, listening and searching as she contemplated possible outcomes.

Much to her displeasure, her expectations were proven opposite. A hand that continued to stretch would be noticed again, she mused, even when parts of it had recently been cut off. Permanently.

She continued to stand by in silence for an extended period of time, far beyond the feelings of forlorn disturbance, and deep into the path of resentment. Her attention moved to the still standing tree off to her side, muttering quietly in an odd tongue as she extended a gloved hand to rest upon its bark.
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Between Dagger Hills and Shadowdale
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