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 Once upon a midnight dreary

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PostSubject: Once upon a midnight dreary   Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:41 am

On the edge of the dagger hills stands the imposing figure of Anastasia rosenberg, her gaze set on the deathly mists wreathing the area.

*looking over the mists*
"so....this is what has occured since my departure....troubling indeed"

*her eye catches the wandering undead in the distance and she holds herself quietly, her own power more than enough to deal with mindless creatures*

"now....let me put my mind to this issue...perhaps i could use this in the future"

*with those words she sets a small camp sheltered away in a gulley and begins her studies of the area, observing first how the land reacts to the mist before thinking on more....interesting tests*
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PostSubject: Re: Once upon a midnight dreary   Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:01 pm

The robed figure of Anastasia can be seen more often in her little encampment as she works her experiments.

she uses mixtures of alchemy and holy water to test how volatile the deathly mists are before using plant saplings and captured small wildlife to see teh effects.

after each small experiment she tests the remains only leaving teh camp to gather fresh materials and supplies from the old freehaven merchants.
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Once upon a midnight dreary
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